* Welcome to SVS Open School * Admission Open for an Academic Year 2020 - 2021
About Us

Mission / Vision

Our Objectives

• To Eradicate School Dropouts
• To build a knowledgeable society with better opportunities.
• To provide proper service to all students of SVS Open School.
• To educate the underprivileged and differently-abled people.
• To become the premier provider of best quality education to
people from all walks of life.

Our Vision

To Build a World Class Educational Institution with all educational facilities which will cater to the needs of 10th standard and 12th standard students through Open Schooling.

Our Mission

We are the premier providers of Open School Education through various Open Schooling Service Providers under the name of SVS Open School. Students become independent and good decision-makers. They are self-regulated and focus on the necessary learning, and are less stressed out. We always strive to provide perfect platform to become the launch pad of many students career illustrating our motto “Driving Towards Perfection.”

School Committee


SVS OPEN SCHOOL has formulated a Committee as per Section-15 of Tamilnadu Recognised Private Schools (Regulation) Act, 1973. The School Committee will look after the administrative activities of SVS Open School with the help of Senior Members of the School.

Key Functions of School Committee

1. Making School Development Plan (SDP) as per the RTE guidelines/norms
2. Management of School Activities
3. Supervising and supporting implementation of School Development Plan
4. Supervision / Monitoring of Finance, Management, Academic Progress, Distribution of Entitlements & other Functions
5. Ensuring accountability and transparency in the system through the social audit mechanism with the help of external auditors
6. Maintenance of properly audited accounts
7. Creating and maintaining an educational database of students (all records)
8. Maintenance of Government Notifications, Circulars and Reply Letters from Government Departments
9. Monitoring Academic Progress of the Children
10. Instituting social audit mechanism and processes to bring transparency in the System and ensure students participation
11. Conducting of Various Welfare Camps / Programmes for the people for our Country